Our Mission

Driven by innovation.
Inspired by you.

Knixwear believes in embracing the blood, sweat, and tears that accompany a life well lived. We’ve applied our seriously impressive technology to all of our intimates to keep your body beautiful, dry, and comfortable through every activity, in every season, at any time of the month. We’re liberating women from crappy underwear.

Designed to Perform. Designed to Last.

Knixwear’s innovative intimates combine protection, form, and function to keep you fresh through your longest days and most vigorous workouts. 

We’ve scoured the globe to find the best fabrics and finishes -- and when we couldn’t find what we wanted? We made our own. We worked with Italian fabric experts to develop our exclusive carbon cotton, fusing the best of performance, technology, and design to create a natural moisture-wicking and odor-killing fabric that protects your best bits.


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